Baba Ramdev now launches Kimbho Swadeshi chat app, competes with WhatsApp

Baba Ramdev now launches Kimbho Swadeshi chat app, competes with WhatsApp

Looks like Patanjali has aspirations that go beyond yoga, retail and desi health solutions. A few days after the company, which is associated with Baba Ramdev, launched Swadeshi SIM cards in collaboration with BSNL, it has launched a chat app that hopes to allow users to “have fun” while chatting or video calling other people. The Swadeshi chat app is called Kimbho and it is like WhatsApp but created by Patanjali Communications.

Does this sound like some joke to you? Well, you are not alone. It does seem rather odd. But the news talking of Kimbho has been shared by Baba Ramdev on his Twitter profile and the app is available in Google Play store so it is real enough. On its website, Kimbho notes that it is also available on iOS for iPhones. But clicking on the app store link shows an error that tells users that the app is not available in the Indian iOS store.


The app icon of Kimbho is a clear copy of WhatsApp even though the functionality is more or less similar to what other chat apps offer. It allows messaging, calls using internet as well as sharing of images, videos, GIFs, location etc. On the app description page on the Google Play store, Patanjali Communications notes that “Its 100 % FREE, SECURE and No Ads.” Never mind the typo errors.

The app also notes “every message is encrypted by AES. Kimbho also supports ghost chatting, auto delete messages, wipe out feature right at your finger tip.”

Currently, the app has around 4 stars rating with over 3000 ratings. However, most of the people have either left 1 star for it or 5 stars, showing that either people are the fans of Kimbho or they absolutely and totally find it useless.

A lot of people have complained that the app is not connecting to any Patanjali servers and that they are not getting OTP to set up their accounts on Kimbho. To some of these reviews, Patanjali Communications has replied. In one such reply it said, “Due to unexpected heavy traffic, we are facing technical server problem. We will be up and running in an hour time.”

It is currently not clear why Baba Ramdev and Patanjali have come out with a regular, mass market chat app. May be, they have seen the success of WhatsApp in India and want a pie of the great revenue potential that chat apps represent. Or may be Baba Ramdev wants you, and fellow Indians, to use a Swadeshi chat app instead of giving their data to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook that owns WhatsApp. Although, Kimbho makes clear that unlike other chat apps it doesn’t store any messages or data, which also raises question on how at all it works if there are no servers involved to relay messages. “We save no data on our servers or cloud,” it says.

In India, WhatsApp has over 200 million active users.

A few days ago, Patanjali and BSNL had announced the launch of Swadeshi SIM cards. For now, the SIM cards will be reportedly available only to Patanjali employees but chances are that in the coming months, regular consumers may also get a chance to buy a Swadeshi SIM card.


Source by indiatoday