Five things director Pa Ranjith said about Kaala and Rajinikanth

Five things director Pa Ranjith said about Kaala and Rajinikanth

One of the most awaited films this year, Kaala is finally all set to hit the screens this Thursday. With the film running into several controversies on the road to the silver screen, here are a few things Kaala director Pa Ranjith has said about the film and its leading star Rajinikanth.

On Rajini’s character in Kaala:


“The Rajini I have interacted with personally is much much more intense, humble and emotional. The power of the real Rajini is much stronger than the onscreen Rajini image. I have tried to bring forth that as much as possible.”

On what kind of a film Kaala is:

“Kaala is definitely a commercial film but it will talk about the people’s problems. Rajini sir’s voice is powerful. It had to be used for something productive.”

Rajinikanth in Kaala Rajinikanth’s Kaala is set to hit the big screen on June 7

On the making of Kaala:

“Around 800 people have worked on creating the set per day. I thank all the labour, technicians, supporting cast and crew. We had more than 2000 supporting artists on set. They worked with us for 80 days without any hesitation giving us the maximum cooperation.”

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On its political voice:

“I see this film as a small step in creating an equal space where we respect and treat each other with humanity. The film will talk the importance of land and the politics around it. It is a film that has politics but isn’t political”

On the inspiration for Karikaalan:

“Kaala is completely fictional. It has been written based on the research done about the lifestyle and living conditions there.”



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